Our Mission

Helping transform children’s futures… Creating new possibilities for success

Momentous Institute works with troubled and at-risk kids and their families. We focus on:

  • Therapeutic services: We provide therapy, treatment groups and education for kids and families experiencing a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems.
  • Education: Our exemplary, research-based community school for at-risk kids focuses on academic excellence and social competence.
  • Professionals: We work with educators, mental health professionals, and students to share new ideas and facilitate lifelong learning through an annual schedule of large conferences, small training events, intensive training opportunities and community consultations.

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Stories of Hope

Let’s talk about Carlos and Caleb Silva, (not their real names). Their mom and dad divorced after many years of marriage. For the 12 and 13-year-old brothers, it was a confusing time. They found it hard to cope with all the changes, particularly with the fact that dad didn’t always visit them when he said he would.

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It's back to school time. Have a great year everyone!

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