J. Erik Jonsson Community School

Founded in 1997, the J. Erik Jonsson Community School is a model, laboratory school located in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas. Our team has developed innovative teaching approaches for disadvantaged children and their parents. Drawing from current research including applications from neuroscience, the program design combines the following elements:

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orientation to our school.

  • Engaging curriculum aligned with state and national standards
  • Brain compatible instructional approaches
  • Strong social-emotional learning built upon caring, respectful relationships
  • Extensive, creative parent involvement
  • Extended school year
  • Continuous data analysis and program improvement

We have a student population of 245 students, three years of age through 5th grade; 92% of students are Hispanic. Seventy-eight percent (78%) are eligible for the free/reduced cost school lunch program, a shorthand indicator of poverty.

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